Conservatory Maintenance and Repairs

Is your conservatory too hot? We can reduce unwanted heat from entering your conservatory and reduce UV and glare by using solar film on your glass conservatory roof. This is cheaper than what’s provided by a quality blind company – and it actually works, unlike blinds.

To get an idea of how much solar film will cost, simply measure the length and width of your conservatory, multiply the two figures, and the multiply the result by 55 – this will give you the amount in GBP.
You will receive a FREE internal roof clean with our solar film

Internal blinds and air conditioning

Many internal conservatory blinds are sold as a product that will cool your conservatory, but this is not the case. Blinds can only reduce direct light and UV; the heat of the sun will still enter the conservatory and therefore heat the air inside. Solar film stops the heat before it enters.

Air conditioning will have an ongoing cost as well as an install cost, unlike solar film. If you already have AC then solar film will help the AC unit work more efficiently as it will not need to work as hard.

Heat, glare and UV

SOLAR CONTROL SILVER 20• Allows 17% of visible light through, reduces the sun's heat by 77%, reduces UV transmission up to 99%, and glare by 81% daylight privacy – one-way mirror.

SOLAR CONTROL LIGHT SILVER 50• Allows 46% of visible light through, reduces the sun's heat by 55%, reduces UV transmission up to 95%, and glare by 48% daylight privacy – one-way mirror.

We offer many styles of film that have coloured tints, frosted, patented, safety, anti-graffiti and total block-out. If you are looking for a particular type of film, please contact us.

Our solar reduction films reject up to 77% of excess solar heat during the summer months of the year. This will help ensure a more comfortable room temperature, particularly in rooms such as conservatories and rooms with patio doors.

Our ranges of UV films block out 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This provides protection against fading for expensive furnishings and fabrics, as well as protection for your family and those with sensitive skin.

Many of our happy clients have commented on the fact that their glass is no longer cold to touch in the winter when the film has been applied, which in turn could economically radiate the room.

Solar protective films are guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer to provide a reduction in solar heat, glare & UV normally experienced in untreated glass units. The useful working-life expectancy is over 15 years.

There is no maintenance required once installed as it becomes a part of the glass unit structure. Solar protective films are more efficient than any style of blinds or curtains, due to the method of installation.

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