Conservatory Maintenance and Repairs

Conservatory Medic specialises in conservatory improvements and maintenance in Kent, the surrounding counties of Sussex, Essex, as well as south London. We offer many conservatory maintenance services from valeting (cleaning), solar control, leak repairs and replacement of glass, all the way through to new roofs, windows and doors.

We will take conservatories to the next level, so they look brand new again and are better insulated.

For a FREE conservatory inspection and quotation in Kent and surrounding areas, get in touch today. Alternatively, if you do not live in the areas mentioned above, we can send you a quote online if you can provide the relevant information and pictures.

Whether you are looking for conservatory repair, conservatory valeting or something more, let our skilled team of technicians help. All inspections and quotes are carried out by our experienced technicians to give you an accurate price.

We do not employ salesmen, only installation experts who know exactly what you need – and not what they want to sell!

Our Specialisms Include:

- Conservatory solar heat
- UV & Glare prevention and retention
- External and internal conservatory cleaning

- Conservatory repair
- Solar and PV panel cleaning
- Conservatory roof installation and repair

- Guardian roof installations and repair
- Gutter cleaning
- Conservatory insolation

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