Conservatory Maintenance and Repairs

Conservatory Medic offers conservatory maintenance and repairs in and around Kent. We can fulfil all your conservatory repair needs, from leaking gutters to fitting an entirely new conservatory roof.

Got a leaking conservatory roof? We can usually repair a leak with small adjustments to the roof panels and expert resealing. Sometimes, many other people have had a go at repairing a leak with silicone sealant, which ultimately makes things worse where they don’t understand the makeup of a conservatory. Please – don’t use silicone if you do not truly know how to solve the problem.

Damaged roof panels of glass or polycarbonate can be replaced with ease most of the time because we are well equipped with the correct tools and know-how. Our specialist ladders allow us to access the higher areas of your conservatory roof safely and easily. Unlike conventional ladders, these ladders have been specially designed for conservatories only.

Conservatory Medic can also fit a completely new, more energy-efficient roof for your existing uPVC or wooden conservatory frame. Most of the time we can upgrade your glass or polycarbonate roof sheets without renewing your conservatory framework. If you wish to renew your entire roof this can also be easily installed – please click here to go to our page detailing new-roof systems

Our services include:

  • Conservatory gutter replacement and repair
  • Conservatory new roofs
  • Replacing conservatory roof glazing/bar capping with new uPVC or aluminium roof glazing/bar capping to stop any leaks and further panel-slipping in the roof
  • Replacing broken or blown glass units in the sides and on the roof of your conservatory
  • Renewing the crestings and finials on your roof, or replacing old ones for a new minimal look
  • Replacing conservatory window-opening handles and locks
  • Conservatory re-paint and re-stain

Cold and Noisy Conservatory?

Conservatory Medic can replace the older-technology glass and thin polycarbonate roof sheets of your conservatory to new sheets in either thicker polycarbonate, solar, or ones that are filled with argon gas, all of which will enhance your conservatory living throughout the year.

Or, you could change the whole concept of your conservatory by replacing the old-style roof with an all-new thermal-tiled solid roof. Get in touch if you want to know more about any of these options.

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