Conservatory Maintenance and Repairs

Conservatory valeting and cleaning in Kent and the South East. Conservatory Medic can valet conservatories externally and internally. Say good riddance to green algae building up on your conservatory roof, and box gutters full of debris. We have proper ladder systems to safely access crests and finials and those hard-to-reach areas on your conservatory roof.

We will bring back that lovely white uPVC again and freshen up brown uPVC conservatories to look brand new. Wooden conservatories can also be rejuvenated, while making sure that the all-important paintwork is not damaged in the process. We can transform your grubby-looking conservatory to look new, with our unique valeting process usually taking no more than a single day.

Most conservatories have a problem with overheating if they are south facing, which bakes on grime and makes the conservatory grey, or if they face north they become green with algae.

Conservatory Medic has the facilities and expertise to help you solve whatever conservatory problems you have, and you can rest assured our cleaning substances are safe for the environment and you as the owner.

External Valet cleaning

Most conservatories need cleaning every 12 to 18 months depending on their surroundings and position. We can offer an external valet with our unique three-stage cleaning process.
This makeover begins with a detergent-based clean, applied with a low-pressure pure-water-fed system (we avoid high-pressure systems, which can damage a conservatory).

All crestings, finials, gutters inside and outside, box gutters, gullies, glass and polycarbonate are then cleaned.

We then buff your glass and framework with our specialist cleaning substances.

To keep your investment of a conservatory looking new you should get it cleaned every 12 to 18 months from new to avoid the extra cost of a four-stage uPVC makeover, which uses higher-cost cleaning substances and longer man-hours to achieve it looking new.

We also offer the service of replacing your conservatory’s roof closure (the end caps of the roof panels) and guttering, as the plastics used on these areas are not as high-quality as the framework of your conservatory.

Internal Valet cleaning

An internal conservatory clean is usually undertaken after an external clean. This involves cleaning the inside of the conservatory with our two-stage detergent.

All interior roof panels (glass or polycarbonate), light fittings, side panels (glass or uPVC) and all the uPVC or wooden framework of your conservatory is attended to.

Flooring areas are vacuumed or wet-cleaned depending on surface. All walls are dusted & vacuumed. Any adjoining doors of windows to the property will be cleaned on the conservatory-facing side.

Internal and external Valet

We will carry out the above services for internal and external valet. The main addition to the combination will be to clean all of the window and door rebates of the conservatory.

Box Gutter Clean/empty Only

This service involves clearing all debris from a box gutter of a conservatory. It is essential that a box gutter is kept completely clear so that the water can flow. If the water cannot flow freely, it will spill over into your conservatory.

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