Conservatory Maintenance and Repairs

Do NOT use silicone to prevent a leak. Call us to fix your leaking conservatory instead.

Conservatory Medic specialises in resolving leaks on conservatories, covering problems ranging from dripping gutters through to major roof leaks.

We offer free inspection and quotation. We can generally see what the issue is straight away upon inspection. We can then provide a repair quote, and advise on any other improvements we may observe on the conservatory that you may not be aware of.

We offer our services broken down individually so that you can choose whether you would like to proceed with the total advised quotation or only the issue that you have called us for.

We can offer emergency call-out solutions depending on your location, the time of the day and materials needed for the work.

We also offer an email quotation service if you wish to send photos of your conservatory’s issues, so that we can inspect the images and offer a quoted service and book in your repair.

Most leaks are straightforward, because the composition of the conservatory has failed in some way. Our experts know exactly how to tackle the roof and re-install it to properly fix the problem.

As a rule, we try not to use any silicone because the conservatory was not designed to need silicone in the first place. Previous installers or homeowners may have wrongly used silicone, but it can in fact increase the risk of leaks.
We have all the proper tools and ladders to help us correct, repair and reach the areas that are difficult to get to.

Slipped conservatory roof sheets are the main cause of leaks. Conservatory Medic’s expert technicians can de-assemble the glazing bar makeup on the roof in the leaking area, and then re-sit the roof sheet in the correct location. We will then install sheet stoppers at the bottom of the roof sheets to stop them from slipping again, preventing further leaks.

Conservatory box gutter issues are another major cause of leaks. When water cannot flow through the box gutter, it overflows and enters the conservatory. We have a 100% success rate when repairing or installing an inlay bespoke fabricated box gutter tray with our proper techniques. Gutter silicone and fibre paint generally does not work and if it does the repair will only last a short period.

Gutters generally leak due to the guttering being installed incorrectly in the first place, or due to some movement in the area that the guttering has been fixed to. If you have one of the leaks as described above or a leak that you may think is unique, do not worry. We are sure we can help, so call or email us now for your free inspection or quotation.

Book a no obligation, FREE inspection
We offer a FREE inspection and quote in Kent as well as some neighbouring counties, so please do not leave your leaks until they get too extreme.